Our Customers

DC Labs / Ovation Hair

"We very quickly implemented Retail Anywhere for short term Southern California Fair circuit, 3 fairs in 3 months. Retail Anywhere got us up and running quickly, the setup and support was great. And the Retail Anywhere solution was heads above the program we used last year! It was a tremendous advantage to use a company that specialized in a POS solution. Transactions ran smoothly, quickly, and processed without a hitch. Highly Recommend."
- Carlee Cayton, VP of Sales for DC Labs / Ovation Hair

Kaboom Fireworks

"Retail Anywhere gave us the ability to grow our seasonal business at low upfront tech costs. Through its seamless integration with NetSuite, it significantly improved our inventory management and demand forecasting capabilities and our ability to maintain close relationships with our customers and evaluate their behaviours. Also, the fact that it's so easy to use keeps our employees happy and gives them the ability to keep customers happy by minimizing checkout times."
- Ryan Butkowsky, General Manager for Kaboom Fireworks

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory

"Retail Anywhere lets us analyze information across our locations to better understand retail trends and develop programs to impact retail operations. Access to data such as product mix, pricing, labor, customer information and promotions has helped us improve store performance. "
- Key Jobson, Chief Information Officer for Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory

Nakajima USA

"Having a SaaS solution model and lower upfront costs was a huge factor in our selection of Retail Anywhere’s POS and complete retail management system. Retail Anywhere’s pay-as-you-go model enabled us to quickly engage in the project while their solution suite will deliver the tools and functionality we need for retail success."
- Jennifer Pearce, Director of Corporate Stores for Nakajima USA

Mahamosa, LLC

"After thorough research, we selected Retail Anywhere because its SaaS solution model allowed us to reduce our up-front costs in addition to delivering a robust and real-time retail POS that we could learn quickly and grow with. The user interface is friendly as well as customizable, so we can express and represent our company and company’s logo via the POS screen. Additionally, the POS software is an on-premise solution, so our retail locations can continue to operate when the Internet in the mall goes down."
- Raghu R. Raju, Owner for Mahamosa, LLC

White Cloud Cigarettes, Inc.

"We selected Retail Anywhere's POS and retail management system because as a kiosk retailer we needed a robust solution with a minimal up-front cost and the ability to implement quickly. The Retail Anywhere SaaS solution allows us to pay-as-we-go while giving us the scalability we need to easily add or remove kiosk locations as we grow our retail chain."
- Michael Murray, Owner for White Cloud Cigarettes, Inc.

Ganahl Lumber

"Retail Anywhere's system architecture, deep feature set and their ability to deliver the support and services we were looking for made them the clear and easy choice as our retail technology partner."
- Gary Armstrong, Director of Information Systems for Ganahl Lumber

Steven Alan

"Retail Anywhere’s ability to provide us with cross-channel integration as well as the ability to track real-time inventory enabling us to provide our customers with the styles they want when they want them made Retail Anywhere the clear choice as our new retail management solution provider."
- Allie Wightman, Director of Operations for Steven Alan

Beyond The Wall

"Retail Anywhere's ability to provide a POS and retail management system that could fulfill our requirements for both permanent and pop-up stores was a huge factor in our selection process. The flexibility at the POS as well as integration with our MAS 90 solution provides us the functionality to streamline operations, increase sales and ultimately run our business better."
- Patrick Smith, CEO for Beyond The Wall

Eco-Chic Consignments

"We are a complex operation, with requirements that go beyond traditional retail. Retail Anywhere has been able to meet our requirements in all areas while delivering a system that is user friendly and requires minimal training time for our employees."
- Ann Siner, Owner & CEO for Eco-Chic Consignments


"The Three Apples exhibition would have been economically and technologically challenging with our legacy POS system. Implementing Retail Anywhere solutions and services gave us the flexibility and reliability we needed to efficiently sell, manage inventory, and satisfy thousands of Hello Kitty fans during our North American Event."
- David Marchi, Brand Marketing Manager for Sanrio

Spirits Unlimited

"Perhaps the biggest change, getting the biggest raves from our managers, is Retail Anywhere’s integrated high-speed credit card processing."
- Michael Patalano, Systems Administrator for Spirits Unlimited
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