POS for Fashion & Accessories

We offer a comprehensive apparel POS solution to manage your fashion retail store. No matter how many specialty apparel locations you manage, our fashion and retail management software will provide you with everything you need to run a successful business.

Our completely integrated apparel POS and fashion retail management system provides the tools you need to build loyalty with your customers while improving productivity throughout your retail chain.

Our fashion and retail management solutions help you:

Increase sales and enhance service with up-selling,  cross-selling, and mobile solutions for a personalized shopping experience for your customers.

Reduce training time and increase employee productivity with an easy- to-use and intuitive fashion and retail management POS solution in your stores.

Track season, fabric, color, style, class and more fashion retail attributes with user definable fields.

Increase conversion rates and save the sale with chain-wide inventory visibility.

Determine your best sales associates with sales associate tracking.

Quickly analyze and identify customer buying trends and new opportunities with business intelligence tools.

View product images and see detailed analysis at the department, class, subclass, brand, and sku level at the apparel POS.  

Receive a quick ROI with loss prevention tools and return management functionality.

A POS For Fashion Leader

We have been in business for more than 28 years and offer unmatched fashion retail POS software. Our software allows you to keep track of everything that is necessary from a retail perspective, while also giving you helpful insights into your business that will help streamline your operations and fashionably improve your profit margin.

As industry leader, we have provided more than 35,000 POS terminal licenses throughout North America. Learn why so many fashion and retail businesses have chosen us as their best POS system provider.

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