POS for Specialty Retail

Rely on our complete specialty retail POS management solution to run every aspect of your specialty retail chain. Whether you're looking for candy store POS, a pet store POS, or any specialty retail POS system in-between, we understand the unique challenges you face and provide the service, functionality, and flexibility you need to succeed if you have a few stores or a few hundred stores in your specialty retail chain.

For more than 28 years, we have worked with a variety of specialty retailers in segments such as gift, novelty, apparel, candy, party, liquor, pet, toys, and many more. Our comprehensive specialty retail pos systems help specialty retailers maximize operational efficiencies and enhance customer service in order to compete with big box retail chains.

Our specialty retail POS solutions allow you to:

Gain real-time visibility across the retail chain, supplying the detailed customer, inventory, sales, or store information you need to compete and ultimately satisfy
your customers.

Increase sales and enhance service with guided and suggestive selling, promotional messaging, and loyalty programs built into the POS.

Optimize inventory and have the right product available at the right time with critical merchandise planning and allocation tools - perfect for the wide variety of small
items rung through a candy store POS, or the time sensitive needs of a pet store POS system.

Reduce training time and assist employees in delivering attentive and responsive customer service with an easy-to-use and easy-to-learn specialty retail chain POS

Analyze and identify customer buying trends and new opportunities with business intelligence tools.

Conduct extensive item searches for depth of inventory assortment - a great feature for gift store POS systems.

Expand customer reach with dual monitors at the POS, or Retail Anywhere Mobile POS for line busting, seasonal sales, outdoor events, and personal shopping to meet the demands of your customers and build loyalty to your retail chain.

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