Retail Cloud Solutions

Cloud-Based Multi-Channel Retail Management Suite

NetSuite's comprehensive end-to-end, cloud-based retail management solutions link every step of a multi-channel retail business from in-store, ecommerce and order management, to CRM, inventory, and financials.

Retail ERP

The world's #1 cloud-based ERP software.

NetSuite ERP delivers the proven, comprehensive financial management capabilities required to grow a changing, complex business. NetSuite ERP takes your business beyond traditional accounting software by streamlining operations across your entire organization and providing you with the real-time visibility you need to make better, faster decisions.

NetSuite financial management seamlessly integrates with all NetSuite order management, inventory, CRM, POS and ecommerce functions to streamline critical business processes, enabling everyone to work from a single source of finance, sales and customer data

Retail CRM

Recognize, reward, and market to your cross-channel shoppers with robust CRM tools.

Retailers need an effective retail CRM and marketing solution to satisfy shoppers and compete in today’s competitive retail market. Our CRM for retail delivers a complete 360° view of every customer in every channel, providing the insight you need to deliver personalized service, build customer loyalty and increase revenue.

Leveraging NetSuite’s cloud-based platform to deliver a centralized retail CRM solution enables you to recognize and reward your customers in any store or channel. With a single data repository for your entire enterprise, you can track and segment customers to deliver personalized retail marketing at the POS, create 1:1 offers, target segmented groups to encourage repeat business and increase average sale size, and offer instant promotions.

Merchandise Management

Efficiently analyze, order, price, and distribute merchandise across your retail channels.

With our merchandise and retail inventory management solution you can efficiently analyze, order, price, and distribute inventory across your channels. Having the right inventory at the right place at the right time while optimizing for promotion and pricing of products maximizes sales and reduces the need for future markdowns, giving you an efficient omnichannel strategy.

With our integrated inventory management solution, manage product allocation to define and maintain accurate retail inventory distribution and track replenishment cycles all from one place to automate ordering, prevent excess, and stop product shortages. You can automatically calculate inventory-order points and preferred stock levels by item and location, and automatically create purchase orders to maintain these levels as a part of your omnichannel strategy.