Retail Management System

Cloud-Based Retail Management Solutions for Multi-channel Retailers.

Customers have more choices and purchasing channels than ever before and when they interact with a retailer they want you to know who they are and what they want. To be competitive in today's demanding multi-channel retail environment, retailers need an integrated retail management system to deliver enhanced customer service across channels while driving growth and increased revenue.

We understand these needs and delivers a cloud-based, multi-channel retail management system that brings together POS, and ecommerce with CRM, marketing, merchandising, order management, financials, and warehouse management into a single centrally managed solution.

Key Capabilities

  • An end-to-end application to manage your entire retail business.
  • Seamlessly support multiple locations and multiple channels.
  • Powerful ecommerce capabilities.
  • Single view of the customer across all channels.
  • Real-time visibility across your business with role based dashboards.
  • Deep inventory, purchasing and order-management functionality.
  • Robust CRM & marketing tools.
  • Best-in-class accounting and financials.
  • Easy customization for your specific retail requirements.
  • Far lower cost than on-premise retail management systems.

Retail Software Designed for You

NetSuite provides retailers with efficient retail management systems designed to streamline everyday operations and cut overall costs. We offer a retail store software solution that will make managing stores, inventory, and customers fast and easy. Each POS system is tailored to suit our client's unique business needs. We offer training and support to ensure our clients have a thorough understanding of our retail management software to leverage the power behind our retail management systems to their fullest potential.