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Retail POS Software ScreenshotRetail Anywhere POS, a best-in-class solution based on 28 years' experience in the retail industry, is now integrated with NetSuite, unlocking a comprehensive Multi-Channel Retail Management Suite for retail businesses.


Retail Anywhere POS for NetSuite 
Utilizing web services to support near real-time, bi-directional integration with NetSuite, Retail Anywhere POS is a full-featured NetSuite POS solution, guaranteeing retailers a reliable and proven solution that allows for choice, scalability, and a high ROI.

  • Flexible – Our POS solution is adaptable to a variety of retail segments and has the flexibility to be configured based on individual requirements.
  • On-Premise – Installed at the POS on a local SQL server database means when the Internet goes down, your business can keep on going. When connected to the Internet, bi-directional information is exchanged between Retail Anywhere POS and NetSuite via Web Services.
  • Conformant and Protected – Retail Anywhere POS is compliant with PCI PA-DSS, built upon Microsoft SQL and .NET technologies and is certified ARTS Data Model Conformant. With built in OPOS drivers, our NetSuite POS software can be deployed using a wide range of hardware peripherals.
  • Employee Management – Manage employee access, controls, and discounts at the POS to help monitor operations, accurately track commissions, and reduce employee fraud.
  • CRM – Know your customers and reward them across all channels with Customer Relationship Management tools and fields built into the retail ERP solutions and tailored to meet your business.
  • Easy-to-Use Dynamic Interface – Modify your POS screen and keys to meet your needs with our dynamic interface, reducing employee training time. Touch screen and definable keyboard command options enable custom colors, buttons, and layouts to create a POS for NetSuite interface that is memorable, easy-to-use, and unique to your business.
  • Quick Checkout – With integrated payment processing, credit, debit, and gift card transactions are quick and easy. Our POS for NetSuite provides chain wide inventory visibility enabling quick and easy inventory lookups, keeping customer wait times to a minimum.

Completely Integrated
Bi-directional retail ERP integration between Retail Anywhere POS and NetSuite delivers an end-to-end Retail Management Suite enabling you to:

  • Create and initiate transfers at the POS and see it in NetSuite
  • Create and maintain promotions in NetSuite for use at the POS
  • Maintain size & color matrix in NetSuite and access at the POS
  • Maintain and modify store and register details in NetSuite to update the POS


Retail Anywhere POS for NetSuite Features

POS Processing - With customer focused functionality, Retail Anywhere Point of Sale delivers a comprehensive transaction set to manage:

Retail Transactions    Price Lookup   Size/Color Matrix
Gift Card   Stored Value Card   Special Orders
Gift Receipts    Integrated Payment    Multi/Split Tendering
Taxation   Service Items   Suspend/Resume
Sales Associate Tracking                                                    


Mobile POS - Perform the functions of a POS station from a mobile device. Retail Anywhere POS for NetSuite can be deployed on a mobile device to conduct sales transactions, secure payments and print customer receipts. From the mobile unit, store employees can review customer information, perform item look-ups while on the sales floor, determine quantity on hand and even locate out of stock items in order to save-the-sale.

Manager Override   Line Busting   Retail Transactions
Mobile Payment Processing   Locate Out-of-Stock Items   Personal Shopping Experience
Price Look-up and Override          Complete POS Functionality       Physical Count and Receiving


Advanced Controls - Our advanced configuration of the POS offers a higher level of control to retailers. Advanced control features available include:

Full Touch Interface     Tender Control    Definable Keyboard
Definable User Interface   Definable Receipts          Price and Selling Rules
Flexible Component Selection             Non-Sale Control Transactions                                                                  


Reporting - Leverage critical data from Retail Anywhere POS for NetSuite and turn it into meaningful information.  Real-time reports at the POS include:

Item    Flash    Sales
Customer   Sales Associate   Department
Tender   Productivity             Tax
Financial Summary   Employee Discount   Trends
Workstation Access Control Overrides   Key Performance Indicators                 Workstation Time Activity                    


Employee - Employee management functionality within Retail Anywhere POS for NetSuite includes:  

Contact Information    Discounts    Access Control


Customer - Built in CRM functionality captures important customer information such as buying preference and purchase history which enables future cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.

Contact Information    Customer Orders    Charge Accounts
Merchandise Preferences   Purchase History                                    


Marketing - Marketing at the POS is an emerging trend that retailers are taking advantage of to be more successful with today's educated, demanding consumer. Retail Anywhere POS for NetSuite solution includes marketing tools to help you reach out to your customers with.


Technology - Retail Anywhere POS is Windows based, and can be operated on a wide variety of hardware such as Windows compatible PCs or retail specific point of sale terminals and supports most popular peripherals such as touch screens, pole displays, multiple cash drawers, scanners, signature capture devices and more.

ARTS® 4.01 data model conformant    Microsoft SQL® database    Microsoft® .NET Framework
Microsoft® Internet Information Services                                  







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