Retail CRM & Marketing

Retailers need an effective retail CRM and marketing solution to satisfy shoppers and compete in today’s competitive retail market. Our CRM for retail delivers a complete 360° view of every customer in every channel, providing the insight you need to deliver personalized service, build customer loyalty and increase revenue.

Execute Marketing Campaigns Across Multiple Channels
Leveraging NetSuite’s Cloud-based ERP platform to deliver a centralized retail CRM solution enables you to recognize and reward your customers in any store or channel. With a single data repository for your entire enterprise, you can track and segment customers to deliver personalized retail marketing at the POS, create 1:1 offers, target segmented groups to encourage repeat business and increase average sale size, and offer instant promotions.

With our Retail CRM & Retail Marketing you can:

  • Get a single view of a customer across all channels and ensure information accuracy
  • Segment and manage customer lists and develop targeted offers
  • Create, execute, manage and analyze campaign performance across channels
  • Deliver cross-sell and upsell suggestions with retail marketing at the POS and online
  • Easily view sale and campaign performance using role based dashboards
  • Manage mobile, search engine, and affiliate marketing
  • Monitor sales from anywhere with mobile access on iPhone™, BlackBerry®, or Windows Mobile devices

Integrated, Robust CRM & Marketing

Completely integrated across all channels and leveraging a single data repository, our CRM for retail solution delivers the functionality you need to ensure a top-notch customer experience. Create and execute highly targeted, personalized email campaigns within NetSuite without wasting time re-keying or exporting data to a third-party email server. With closed-loop marketing, you can see revenues, costs, and ROI for all campaigns in real-time, as well as manage paid, online search, and affiliate marketing within the same retail business system.

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